Introducing TENT Talks!

TENT Talks gives members of our community the chance to speak about the amazing work they do!

We help small business owners, activists, experts and community figures craft short talks about their passions, ideas, journeys and hopes for the future.

From laugh therapy and how to run a vegan business to activism and meditation, TENT Talks is a free series that educates, sparks conversation and elevates local experts

If you’d like to take part, fill out the below

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Be creative! The growing NVM community are dying to hear from folks with cool things to say and rad skills to share. Talks are limited to 20 mins REMEMBER: NVM is for, and about veganism. To be considered for TENT Talks, you must be vegan, and your message must support the values of veganism
We will supply a mic and a speaker system
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You will receive a confirmation email if your application is accepted and you must reply to confirm to be included in the program. If you have to cancel please do so with 5 working days notice, failure to do so may hinder future applications