Are your products vegan or plant based? Are you vegan with a cool service to offer? Do you want to be part of something that is changing the face of veganism in Newcastle? If yes, we want to hear from you!


  • Tell us about your product or service with as much detail as you can

  • If you are wanting to sponsor, please email your website/socials to and your logo to

  • It is compulsory that you read and follow the NVM Stall Holder Essentials, and the Vegan NSW Market Guide. A link to these will be emailed to you once you have been accepted

  • We have limited capacity and with a focus on ensuring our events are curated you may not be successful the first time you apply

  • Don’t forget, your entire business model must be 100% vegan/plant based/cruelty free - if you sell animal products at other markets you will not be accepted into NVM so please do not apply

  • NVM is a single use plastic free event and ALL service ware must be compostable


Please note, you need an ABN to trade with NVM
Contact Name *
Contact Name
Best Contact Number
Best Contact Number
Are you a local?
With 15km of Newcastle
Are your products vegan or plant based all the time, even at other markets *
PLEASE READ Your business MUST be vegan/plant based/cruelty free, all the time. If you sell animal products at other markets you will not be considered for SVM
Do you ever sell or use ingredients that include the following, even at other markets *
This market is for businesses that never ever use animal products, even when not at a vegan market
Will you be selling food
If Yes, you will be required to advice Newcastle Council and depending on your menu, a Food Safety Supervisor (info available online). You must also follow our NVM Food + Beverage Management plan. If approved it will be made available to you
If approved, we will use this to promo your business on social media/newsletters so provide as much detail as possible
Do you have insurance
Public/Product Liability up to $20mil Stall Holder insurance can be purchased for the day or the year
What category do your products fall under *
We have limited numbers available in each category (please only choose one) We do not accept Multi Level Marketing businesses at NVM
Stall type *
Standard stall size is 3mx3m (not food trucks)
Are you interested in Sponsorship opportunities *
You'll have the opportunity to pay extra and get prime real estate and/or a stack of promo via newsletters, social media and website
Do you require power
A powered site is charged at $33 extra Please note: Power is extremely limited and should not be relied on. If you can switch to gas, please do
NVM is on the first Sunday of every second month, starting in August 2019 (Oct, Dec, Feb, Apr, June)
By submitting this application, you agree that your entire menu and product range is vegan, all of the time. Even when you're not at a vegan market
If you are accepted into NVM and it is discovered that you sell products that contain animal products, you will be asked to pack up and leave on market day and you will not receive a refund